So over the last couple of months, we in the band have had so many changes within the band, there have been points, when you think "why do it". But we carried on, poured our heart into the project and finished the the new album (Infinite Shadow Of Memories, out mid May). It was when we reached out to Nick Eklöf who will play bass and DJ. Nick has been helping out band since for a while now and he just gave us someone we could rely on and knew who could do an amazing job. He was followed by Glen Gilbert (Hide The knives) who comes in with vocals and guitar. We are really over the moon to have these guys and now we feel finally settled and ready to take on the world. Please give these guys a massive welcome and show them the support that you have shown the rest of the band over the years. "We Are Nothing Without You"

We just released our new single Thought In Patterns. On this song we have a great friend and a really talented musician, Jens Westin from Corroded on guest vocals! You can check it out on Spotify ! 

Label: Ilumnirec

Recorded at Ilumnirec Studio.


Jimmy Bergman

Jimmy är gitarrist i The End Of Grace och i Through The Cracks.

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