The End Of Grace, Through The Cracks, Hashtag Yolo & Ilumnirec

So.. Back here in the blog again after a long time.. So what's going on this time? 

The End Of Grace:

We played at Skrik & Panic  a couple of weeks ago. Awesome gig at a really cool place in Kinna. It was the first show with the new drummer Adde Hagman and he nailed it! Next up with The End Of Grace is Metal På Bruket in Gothenburg 24th of October together with Nightrage. It's going to be awesome as usual so don't forget to get your tickets to the show! 

The upcoming EP is taking a little bit longer than expected. It will be released this year, that's a promise! 



Make sure to check out the video from Skrik & Panik: 


Through The Cracks:

Two weeks after the show with The End Of Grace we played at Sticky Fingers as a support act to We Are The Catalyst with Through The Cracks. It was our debut show and we got some really good response from the audience. We played a new song called Soulless Man, and it will be released in the near future! We also did an interview with Renata from Valkyrian Music, don't forget to check it out when it's released!

Check out the review about the show here:


Make sure to check out the video from our debut show at Sticky Fingers! 



HASHTAG YOLO was a studio project but has turned into a band. The members of Hashtag Yolo are:

Jimmy Bergman – Guitarist (The End Of Grace/Through The Cracks)

Niklas Aggemyr – Bass (Through The Cracks)

Adde Larsson – Drums (Outshine)

Sebastian Jarfelt – Vocals (Bataar)

Nick Eklöf – DJ

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Me and Adde Larsson are also going to start a new studio in Gothenburg soon… More info to come! 



/ Jimmy

Jimmy Bergman

Jimmy är gitarrist i The End Of Grace och i Through The Cracks.

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