What’s going on in The End Of Grace & Through The Cracks.

Okay, so this will be my first update in English on this blog. I used to write in swedish but some people outside sweden wanted to read the updates as well, so here we go!

What's going on in my bands? A LOT!


Through The Cracks just had a photoshoot a couple of weeks ago. First photoshoot actually cause the band is pretty new. We are also working on some new tracks and hopefully, there will be a new release soon!! Why? Well.. all the old tracks were written before Sara joined the band, after the release we all agreed that we want to have a heavier sound. Heavier sound with a lot of "Swing" added!

We also have some upcoming shows. One is confirmed at this point, Gothenburg 4th of september. Don't miss this! It will be really really awesome!


The End Of Grace. We are working A LOT with the new upcoming EP. It will be 5 new tracks as the last time we released our debut EP "Lost In Transition". All the guitars, bass, drums and Johans amazing clean vocals are done! So we are just waiting to hit the studio again to record Kriss. So in the end of this month, the EP will be ready for the final mix! Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and twitter so you don't miss anything about the upcoming release! 

We also have some upcoming shows with The End Of Grace. Be sure to write them in your schedule so you don't miss any of them!

21/8 – Skrik & Panik Festival – Kinna
22/8 – TBA – Örebro
12/9 – Berlin – Germany
24/10 – TBA – Göteborg
1/11 – TBA

This is all for now! 

/ Jimmy

Jimmy Bergman

Jimmy är gitarrist i The End Of Grace och i Through The Cracks.

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